Tubes in borosilicate glass (pyrex)

The borosilicate glass tubes may be subject to the milling, drilling, screen printing and sandblasting. To increase the thermal and mechanical resistance, the tubes are annealed and reburning. Due to our experience we are able to produce half-tubes with standard diameters and thicknesses or on request, according to safety standards, which are essential for the protection of halogen lamps. These tubes are also used in furniture and for the production of special design lamps. The borosilicate tube is also used as a sight glasses for control in chemical and food installations. It is available in different shapes and finishes: cylindrical, oval, square, rectangular, rods, test-tubes, smooth and grooved. Here are some products, processes and examples of blown glass; dimensions and technical specifications attached.




Tubes’s dimension (smooth,round)







Tubes’s dimension (grooved,oval,square) 







Technical features