Tubes in borosilicate glass

 The borosilicate glass tubes are available in different shapes (cylindrical, oval, square, rectangular, shaped rods…) and finishes (smooth, internally lined, transparent, sandblasted…). To increase the thermal and mechanical resistance and/or to have a bright and shiny finish, the edges of the tubes are reburned and annealed. For precision applications, the edges are instead ground and flattened. These tubes are highly sought after for the production of particular design lamps. The borosilicate tube is also used as a sight glass in the industrial field and as a control light for chemical and food plants. Below are some products, examples of manufacturing and blown glass.

In the footer links dimensions and technical characteristics, shapes and dimensions may vary at the discretion of the manufacturer.





Tubes’s dimension (smooth,round)

Tubes’s dimension (grooved,oval,square) 

 Technical features