Our production is oriented towards different sectors of commerce and various industrial applications. Depending on the type of glass needed we can provide products with different shapes and sizes on request.




Sheets and discs in borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass has a low expansion coefficient, characterized by an excellent thermal and chemical resistance; it is used with temperatures up to 490 °C and it can be subjected to great variations in temperatures (130°C) without any problems.Due to these properties, borosilicate glass, can be widely used in the various sectors of industry. It can …

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Sheets and discs in tempered glass

The tempered glass is used as protection for lamps where do not exceed the temperature of 150°C, or as machine protective glass or sight glasses at low pressure. This type of glass, especially required sandblasted or decorated, is the most used for the protection of led lamps. It can be supplied in various sizes, from …

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Sheets and discs in ceramic glass

The ceramic glass has a low coefficient of expansion, can be used without problems up to a temperature of 800° C and is characterized by high resistance to great variations in temperature (700 ° C).Great filter for ultraviolet rays (UV), making it ideal as a protection for metal halide lamps, and in all those applications where need …

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Tubes in borosilicate glass

 The borosilicate glass tubes are available in different shapes (cylindrical, oval, square, rectangular, shaped rods…) and finishes (smooth, internally lined, transparent, sandblasted…). To increase the thermal and mechanical resistance and/or to have a bright and shiny finish, the edges of the tubes are reburned and annealed. For precision applications, the edges are instead ground and …

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Plates for switches and home automation

In the target of constant innovation that distinguishes us, we have expanded our production specialized in the production of switch plates and panels suitable for touchscreen technologies dedicated to home automation. The plates for switches can also be implemented with the water-cutting and produced principally with tempered float or extra-clear glass, transparent, or serigraphed on …

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